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public interface ApplicationLifecycleMonitor

Interface for tests to use when they need to be informed of the application lifecycle state.

Retrieve instances of the monitor thru ApplicationLifecycleMonitorRegistry.

Detecting these lifecycle states requires support from Instrumentation, therefore do not expect an instance to be present under any arbitrary instrumentation.


Public methods

abstract void addLifecycleCallback(ApplicationLifecycleCallback callback)

Adds a new callback that will be notified when lifecycle changes occur.

abstract void removeLifecycleCallback(ApplicationLifecycleCallback callback)

Removes a previously registered lifecycle callback.

Public methods


void addLifecycleCallback (ApplicationLifecycleCallback callback)

Adds a new callback that will be notified when lifecycle changes occur.

Implementors will not hold a strong ref to the callback, the code which registers callbacks is responsible for this. Code which registers callbacks should responsibly remove their callback when it is no longer needed.

Callbacks may be executed on the main thread of the application, and should take care not to block or otherwise perform expensive operations as it will directly impact the application.

callback ApplicationLifecycleCallback: an ApplicationLifecycleCallback


void removeLifecycleCallback (ApplicationLifecycleCallback callback)

Removes a previously registered lifecycle callback.

callback ApplicationLifecycleCallback

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