Added in API level 34



AdServicesOutcomeReceiver<R, E extends Throwable> Callback interface intended for use when an asynchronous operation may result in a failure. 


AdData Represents data specific to an ad that is necessary for ad selection and rendering. 
AdData.Builder Builder for AdData objects. 
AdFilters A container class for filters which are associated with an ad. 
AdFilters.Builder Builder for creating AdFilters objects. 
AdSelectionSignals This class holds JSON that will be passed into a JavaScript function during ad selection. 
AdServicesPermissions Permissions used by the AdServices APIs. 
AdTechIdentifier An Identifier representing an ad buyer or seller. 
FrequencyCapFilters A container for the ad filters that are based on frequency caps. 
FrequencyCapFilters.Builder Builder for creating FrequencyCapFilters objects. 
KeyedFrequencyCap A frequency cap for a specific ad counter key. 
KeyedFrequencyCap.Builder Builder for creating KeyedFrequencyCap objects.