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AddAdSelectionOverrideRequest This data object represents the TestAdSelectionManager.overrideAdSelectionConfigRemoteInfo(android.adservices.adselection.AddAdSelectionOverrideRequest, java.util.concurrent.Executor, android.os.OutcomeReceiver) request

It contains, a AdSelectionConfig which will serve as the identifier for the specific override, a String decisionLogicJs and String trustedScoringSignals field representing the override value 

AdSelectionConfig Contains the configuration of the ad selection process. 
AdSelectionConfig.Builder Builder for AdSelectionConfig object. 
AdSelectionManager AdSelection Manager provides APIs for app and ad-SDKs to run ad selection processes as well as report impressions. 
AdSelectionOutcome This class represents a field in the OutcomeReceiver, which is an input to the AdSelectionManager.selectAds(AdSelectionConfig, Executor, OutcomeReceiver) in the AdSelectionManager
AdSelectionOutcome.Builder Builder for AdSelectionOutcome objects. 
RemoveAdSelectionOverrideRequest This data object represents the TestAdSelectionManager#removeAdSelectionConfigRemoteInfoOverride( RemoveAdSelectionOverrideRequest, Executor, OutcomeReceiver) request

It contains one field, a AdSelectionConfig which serves as the identifier of the override to be removed 

ReportImpressionRequest Represent input parameters to the reportImpression API. 
TestAdSelectionManager TestAdSelectionManager provides APIs for app and ad-SDKs to test ad selection processes as well as report impressions.