Sell digital in-app products and subscriptions in your app. Get started with Google Play’s billing system to leverage Google Play Commerce – our monetization tools, features, and programs that are deeply integrated into Google Play to support your monetization goals.

Integrate with Google Play’s
billing system

Learn how to add the Google Play Billing Library to your app and connect your app and backend to Google Play’s billing system.
This library provides a straightforward and simple interface for sending in-app billing requests and managing in-app billing transactions.

Monetize your app with
Google Play Commerce

Integrate with Google Play's billing system to unlock monetization tools, features, and programs deeply integrated into Google Play, all built on top of our trusted & secure platform.
Let users buy virtual goods for a one-time charge. Sell game levels, potions, virtual currency, media or premium services within your app.
Offer prepaid plans for pay-as-you-go solutions. Manage price changes with pricing cohorts and user migration tools using the new subscription platform.
Sell apps, in-app products, and subscriptions to millions of users globally in their local currency, and receive payments in your chosen currency.