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Atom<R> An Atom is a thin wrapper around javascript. 
JSONAble Allows implementors to instruct ModelCodec on how to encode this object as JSON. 
JSONAble.DeJSONFactory Allows implementors to replace a JSONObject (representated as a map) with a more applicable object. 
TransformingAtom.Transformer<I, O> Converts input to output. 


Atoms Utility class wrapping simple and more commonly used atoms. 
ElementReference A reference to a javascript element existing within a WebView. 
Evaluation Represents the results of a Javascript execution. 
ModelCodec Encodes/Decodes JSON. 
SimpleAtom A simple implementation of Atom suitable for subclassing. 
TransformingAtom<I, O> Decorates another atom and transforms its output to another type. 
WindowReference A reference to a javascript window/frame existing within a WebView. 


SimpleAtom.ElementReferencePlacement Controls whether the ElementReference appears as the first arg or last arg to the script. 
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