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These are the API classes. See all API packages.


AccountIdentifiers Account identifiers that were specified when the purchase was made. 
AcknowledgePurchaseParams Parameters to acknowledge a purchase. 
AcknowledgePurchaseParams.Builder Helps construct AcknowledgePurchaseParams that are used to acknowledge a purchase. 
AcknowledgePurchaseResponseListener Listener for the result of an acknowledge purchase request. 
AlternativeBillingListener Listener interface for the developer-managed alternative billing flow, when it is chosen by the user when initiating a purchase.  Included in documentation by the annotations: @Annotations.AlternativeBilling
AlternativeChoiceDetails Details related to a user's choice of alternative billing.  Included in documentation by the annotations: @Annotations.AlternativeBilling
AlternativeChoiceDetails.Product Details about a product being purchased.  Included in documentation by the annotations: @Annotations.AlternativeBilling


BillingClient Main interface for communication between the library and user application code. 
BillingClient.BillingResponseCode Possible response codes. 
BillingClient.Builder Builder to configure and create a BillingClient instance. 
BillingClient.ConnectionState Connection state of billing client. 
BillingClient.FeatureType Features/capabilities supported by BillingClient.isFeatureSupported(String)
BillingClient.ProductType Supported Product types. 
BillingClient.SkuType This @interface is deprecated. Use BillingClient.ProductType instead.  
BillingClientStateListener Callback for setup process. 
BillingFlowParams Parameters to initiate a purchase flow. 
BillingFlowParams.Builder Helps to construct BillingFlowParams that are used to initiate a purchase flow. 
BillingFlowParams.ProductDetailsParams Params that describe the product to be purchased and the offer to purchase with. 
BillingFlowParams.ProductDetailsParams.Builder Helps to construct a BillingFlowParams.ProductDetailsParams
BillingFlowParams.ProrationMode This @interface is deprecated. use BillingFlowParams.SubscriptionUpdateParams.ReplacementMode instead.  
BillingFlowParams.SubscriptionUpdateParams Params that describe a subscription update. 
BillingFlowParams.SubscriptionUpdateParams.Builder Helps to construct BillingFlowParams.SubscriptionUpdateParams
BillingFlowParams.SubscriptionUpdateParams.ReplacementMode Supported replacement modes to replace an existing subscription with a new one. 
BillingResult Params containing the response code and the debug message from In-app Billing API response. 
BillingResult.Builder Helps to construct BillingResult that are used to return response from In-app Billing API. 


ConsumeParams Parameters to consume a purchase. 
ConsumeParams.Builder Helps construct ConsumeParams that are used to consume a purchase. 
ConsumeResponseListener Callback that notifies when a consumption operation finishes. 


InAppMessageParams Parameters for in-app messaging. 
InAppMessageParams.Builder Helps construct InAppMessageParams
InAppMessageParams.InAppMessageCategoryId A high-level category of the in-app message. 
InAppMessageResponseListener Listener for the result of the in-app messaging flow. 
InAppMessageResult Results related to in-app messaging. 
InAppMessageResult.InAppMessageResponseCode Possible response codes. 


ProductDetails Represents the details of a one time or subscription product. 
ProductDetails.OneTimePurchaseOfferDetails Represents the offer details to buy an one-time purchase product. 
ProductDetails.PricingPhase Represents a pricing phase, describing how a user pays at a point in time. 
ProductDetails.PricingPhases Pricing phases for purchasing an item through a offer. 
ProductDetails.RecurrenceMode Recurrence mode of the pricing phase. 
ProductDetails.SubscriptionOfferDetails Represents the available purchase plans to buy a subscription product. 
ProductDetailsResponseListener Listener to a result of product details query. 
Purchase Represents an in-app billing purchase. 
Purchase.PurchaseState Possible purchase states. 
PurchaseHistoryRecord Represents an in-app billing purchase history record. 
PurchaseHistoryResponseListener Listener to a result of purchase history query. 
PurchasesResponseListener Listener to a result of purchases query. 
PurchasesUpdatedListener Listener interface for purchase updates which happen when, for example, the user buys something within the app or by initiating a purchase from Google Play Store. 


QueryProductDetailsParams Parameters to initiate a query for Product details BillingClient.queryProductDetailsAsync(QueryProductDetailsParams, ProductDetailsResponseListener)
QueryProductDetailsParams.Builder Helps construct QueryProductDetailsParams required to query ProductDetails
QueryProductDetailsParams.Product A Product identifier used for querying product details. 
QueryProductDetailsParams.Product.Builder Builder that helps construct QueryProductDetailsParams.Product
QueryPurchaseHistoryParams Parameters to initiate a query for purchase history. 
QueryPurchaseHistoryParams.Builder Helps construct QueryPurchaseHistoryParams required to query purchase history. 
QueryPurchasesParams Parameters to initiate a query for purchases. 
QueryPurchasesParams.Builder Helps construct QueryPurchasesParams required to query purchases. 


SkuDetails This class is deprecated. Use BillingClient.queryProductDetailsAsync(QueryProductDetailsParams, ProductDetailsResponseListener) instead  
SkuDetailsParams This class is deprecated. Use BillingClient.queryProductDetailsAsync(QueryProductDetailsParams, ProductDetailsResponseListener) instead  
SkuDetailsParams.Builder Helps to construct SkuDetailsParams that are used to query for SKU details. 
SkuDetailsResponseListener This interface is deprecated. Use BillingClient.queryProductDetailsAsync(QueryProductDetailsParams, ProductDetailsResponseListener) instead