Design for TV

TV is all about content. It's about finding and enjoying the things you love to watch, whether it's movies, shows, games, music, or fitness videos. And it's about doing it with the least amount of friction possible.

Great TV design is all about putting content front and center. It's about creating an interface that's easeir to use and navigate, even from a distance. It's about making it easeir to find the content you love, and to enjoy it in the best possible quality.

Design for TV


10ft UI

Typically, viewers lean back and relax while watching TV and the average distance between a TV and its viewers is 3 meters (10 feet). Complex screens layouts and controls are not ideal for such leanback experiences. As such, it is important to make sure that text and other elements are large enough to be seen from a distance or limit the amount of text and reading on TV screens.

D-pad navigation

Unlike touch devices most TVs rely on d-pad (up, down, left, right, select buttons on the remote) to navigate the UI. TV UI must provide instant and distinct feedback when buttons are pressed.

TV is a communal device

TV is typically a shared device in the household. This means that it is important to consider privacy when designing apps for TV. For example, apps that show personal information should have privacy settings that allow relevant customizations.