Android APIs
public class


extends HttpAbstractParamBean
   ↳ org.apache.http.params.HttpAbstractParamBean
     ↳ org.apache.http.conn.params.ConnConnectionParamBean

This class was deprecated in API level 22.
Please use openConnection() instead. Please visit this webpage for further details.

Class Overview

Allows for setting parameters relating to connections on HttpParams. This class ensures that the values set on the params are type-safe.


Inherited Fields
From class org.apache.http.params.HttpAbstractParamBean
Public Constructors
ConnConnectionParamBean(HttpParams params)
Public Methods
void setMaxStatusLineGarbage(int maxStatusLineGarbage)
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public ConnConnectionParamBean (HttpParams params)

Added in API level 1

Public Methods

public void setMaxStatusLineGarbage (int maxStatusLineGarbage)

Added in API level 1