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Added in API level 1
public interface


Known Indirect Subclasses

Class Overview

Parameter names for connections in HttpConn.


String MAX_STATUS_LINE_GARBAGE Defines the maximum number of ignorable lines before we expect a HTTP response's status line.


public static final String MAX_STATUS_LINE_GARBAGE

Added in API level 1

Defines the maximum number of ignorable lines before we expect a HTTP response's status line.

With HTTP/1.1 persistent connections, the problem arises that broken scripts could return a wrong Content-Length (there are more bytes sent than specified). Unfortunately, in some cases, this cannot be detected after the bad response, but only before the next one. So HttpClient must be able to skip those surplus lines this way.

This parameter expects a value of type Integer. 0 disallows all garbage/empty lines before the status line. Use MAX_VALUE for unlimited (default in lenient mode).

Constant Value: "http.connection.max-status-line-garbage"
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