public abstract @interface Bindable
implements Annotation


The Bindable annotation should be applied to any getter accessor method of an Observable class. Bindable will generate a field in the BR class to identify the field that has changed.

When applied to an accessor method, the Bindable annotation takes an optional list of property names that it depends on. If there is a change notification of any of the listed properties, this value will also be considered dirty and be refreshed. For example:

 public void getFirstName() { return this.firstName; }

 public void getLastName() { return this.lastName; }

 @Bindable({"firstName", "lastName"}}
 public void getName() { return this.firstName + ' ' + this.lastName; }

Whenever either firstName or lastName has a change notification, name will also be considered dirty. This does not mean that onPropertyChanged(Observable, int) will be notified for, only that binding expressions containing name will be dirtied and refreshed.


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String[] value()

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From interface java.lang.annotation.Annotation

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String[] value ()