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Added in API level 29


Car.CarServiceLifecycleListener Callback to notify the Lifecycle of car service. 
CarAppFocusManager.OnAppFocusChangedListener Listener to get notification for app getting information on application type status changes. 
CarAppFocusManager.OnAppFocusOwnershipCallback Listener to get notification for app getting information on app type ownership loss. 
CarOccupantZoneManager.OccupantZoneConfigChangeListener Listener to monitor any Occupant Zone configuration change. 


Car Top level car API for embedded Android Auto deployments. 
CarAppFocusManager CarAppFocusManager allows applications to set and listen for the current application focus like active navigation or active voice command. 
CarInfoManager Utility to retrieve various static information from car. 
CarOccupantZoneManager API to get information on displays and users in the car. 
CarOccupantZoneManager.OccupantZoneInfo Represents an occupant zone in a car. 
EvConnectorType EvConnectorType denotes the different connectors a EV may use. 
FuelType FuelType denotes the different fuels a vehicle may use. 
PortLocationType Used by INFO_FUEL_DOOR_LOCATION/INFO_CHARGE_PORT_LOCATION to enumerate fuel door or ev port location. 
VehicleAreaSeat Object used to indicate the area value for car properties which have area type VehicleAreaType#VEHICLE_AREA_TYPE_SEAT
VehicleAreaType Object used to indicate area types for car properties. 
VehicleAreaWheel Object used to indicate area value for car properties which have area type VehicleAreaType#VEHICLE_AREA_TYPE_WHEEL
VehicleGear List of enums for vehicle gears. 
VehiclePropertyIds Copy from android.hardware.automotive.vehicle-V2.0-java_gen_java/gen/android/hardware/automotive /vehicle/V2_0. 


CarNotConnectedException This class was deprecated in API level 29. No longer thrown by the Android API. Do not use in new code.