Added in API level 30


public static interface CarOccupantZoneManager.OccupantZoneConfigChangeListener

Listener to monitor any Occupant Zone configuration change. The configuration change can involve some displays removed or new displays added. Also it can happen when assigned user for any zone changes.


Public methods

abstract void onOccupantZoneConfigChanged(int changeFlags)

Configuration for occupant zones has changed.

Public methods


Added in API level 30
public abstract void onOccupantZoneConfigChanged (int changeFlags)

Configuration for occupant zones has changed. Apps should re-check all occupant zone configs. This can be caused by events like user switching and display addition / removal.

changeFlags int: Reason for the zone change. Value is either 0 or a combination of CarOccupantZoneManager.ZONE_CONFIG_CHANGE_FLAG_DISPLAY, CarOccupantZoneManager.ZONE_CONFIG_CHANGE_FLAG_USER, and CarOccupantZoneManager.ZONE_CONFIG_CHANGE_FLAG_AUDIO