The Jetpack WindowManager library enables application developers to support new device form factors and multi-window environments. The library provides a common API surface for API versions 14 and later. The initial release targets foldable devices, but future versions will extend to more display types and window features.
Latest Update Stable Release Release Candidate Beta Release Alpha Release
May 24, 2023 1.0.0 1.1.0-rc01 - 1.2.0-alpha01

Declaring dependencies

To add a dependency on WindowManager, you must add the Google Maven repository to your project. Read Google's Maven repository for more information.

Add the dependencies for the artifacts you need in the build.gradle file for your app or module:


dependencies {
    implementation "androidx.window:window:1.0.0"

    // For Java-friendly APIs to register and unregister callbacks
    implementation "androidx.window:window-java:1.0.0"

    // For RxJava2 integration
    implementation "androidx.window:window-rxjava2:1.0.0"

    // For RxJava3 integration
    implementation "androidx.window:window-rxjava3:1.0.0"

    // For testing
    implementation "androidx.window:window-testing:1.0.0"


dependencies {

    // For Java-friendly APIs to register and unregister callbacks

    // For RxJava2 integration

    // For RxJava3 integration

    // For testing


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Version 1.2

Version 1.2.0-alpha01

May 24, 2023

androidx.window:window-*:1.2.0-alpha01 is released. Version 1.2.0-alpha01 contains these commits.

New Features

Stabilize testing APIs around Activity Embedding and WindowLayoutInfoTracker. ActivityEmbeddingRule has been promoted to stable. WindowMetricsCalculatorRule has been promoted to stable. Utility functions to create a FoldingFeature for test have been promoted to stable.

API Changes

  • Stabilize ActivityEmbeddingRule to support unit testing around Activity embedding. (I8d6b6)
  • WindowMetrisCalculatorTestRule is stable allowing stub metrics for JVM tests. We recommend using an emulator for accurate results.
  • Stabilize test APIs for WindowLayoutInfo to support JVM testing. (Ie036e)
  • Add IntRange for test folding feature values. (I69f7d)

Version 1.1

Version 1.1.0-rc01

May 10, 2023

androidx.window:window-*:1.1.0-rc01 is released. Version 1.1.0-rc01 contains these commits.

New Features

  • Release ActivityEmbedding as a stable API.
  • Various bug fixes.

Version 1.1.0-beta02

April 5, 2023

androidx.window:window-*:1.1.0-beta02 is released. Version 1.1.0-beta02 contains these commits.

New Features

  • Internal fixes and clean up.

Version 1.1.0-beta01

March 22, 2023

androidx.window:window-*:1.1.0-beta01 is released. Version 1.1.0-beta01 contains these commits.

Activity Embedding

  • Added PROPERTY_ACTIVITY_EMBEDDING_SPLITS_ENABLED as a boolean property of the <application> tag in the app manifest.
  • Deprecated isSplitSupported and replaced with splitSupportStatus to provide more detailed information about why the split feature is not available.
  • Added the SplitController.SplitSupportStatus nested class to provide state constants for the splitSupportStatus property.
  • Refactored SplitController to several modules:
    • ActivityEmbeddingController module for Activity or ActivityStack related APIs.
    • Moved isActivityEmbedded from SplitController to ActivityEmbeddingController.
    • RuleController module for EmbeddingRule related operations:
    • Removed SplitController APIs:
      • clearRegisteredRules()
      • getSplitRules()
      • initialize()
      • registerRule()
      • unregisterRule()
    • Added RuleController APIs:
      • addRule() — Adds a rule or updates the rule that has the same tag.
      • removeRule() — Removes a rule from the collection of registered rules.
      • setRules() — Establishes a collection of rules.
      • clearRules() — Removes all registered rules.
      • `parseRules() — Parses rules from XML rule definitions.
  • All modules require a context to be initialized by #getInstance() method, including:
    • ActivityEmbeddingController#getInstance(Context)
    • SplitController#getInstance(Context)
    • RuleController#getInstance(Context)
  • Added the EmbeddingAspectRatio class to define enum-like behavior constants related to display aspect ratio.
  • Added the SplitAttributes class to define the split layout.
  • Added SplitAttributes calculator functions to SplitController to customize split layouts:
    • setSplitAttributesCalculator(Function)
    • clearSplitAttributesCalculator()
    • isSplitAttributesCalculatorSupported() to check if the SplitAttributesCalculator APIs are supported on the device
  • Added EmbeddingRule#tag field.
  • API updates in SplitRule:
    • Added defaultSplitAttributes — Defines the default split layout of a split; replaces splitRatio and layoutDirection.
    • Added translation of the XML properties splitRatio and splitLayoutDirection to defaultSplitAttributes.
    • Changed minimum dimension definitions to use density-independent pixels (dp) instead of pixels.
    • Added minHeightDp with default value 600dp.
    • Changed minWidth to minWidthDp with default value 600dp.
    • Changed minSmallestWidth to minSmallestWidthDp with default value 600dp.
    • Added maxAspectRatioInHorizontal with default value ALWAYS_ALLOW.
    • Added maxAspectRatioInPortrait with default value 1.4.
    • Defined FinishBehavior nested class to replace finish behavior constants.
    • Applied the property changes to the Builder nested class of SplitPairRule and SplitPlaceholderRule.
  • Replaced SplitInfo#getSplitRatio() with SplitInfo#getSplitAttributes() to provide additional split-related information.


  • Added non-activity UI context support to WindowInfoTracker.
  • Added non-activity UI context to WindowMetricsCalculator.

Migration Steps

  • To enable activity embedding to display activities in splits, apps must add the PROPERTY_ACTIVITY_EMBEDDING_SPLITS_ENABLED property to the manifest <application> tag: xml <property android:name="android.window.PROPERTY_ACTIVITY_EMBEDDING_SPLITS_ENABLED" android:value="true" /> This allows the system to optimize the split behaviors for an application ahead of time.
  • SplitInfo ratio
    • Check if the current split is stacked: kotlin SplitInfo.splitAttributes.splitType is SplitAttributes.SplitType.ExpandContainersSplitType
    • Check the current ratio: kotlin if (SplitInfo.splitAttributes.splitType is SplitAttributes.SplitType.RatioSplitType) { val ratio = splitInfo.splitAttributes.splitType.ratio } else { // Ratio is meaningless for other types. }
  • SplitController migrations:
    • SplitController.getInstance() changes to SplitController.getInstance(Context).
    • SplitController.initialize(Context, @ResId int) changes to RuleController.getInstance(Context).setRules(RuleController.parse(Context, @ResId int)).
    • SplitController.getInstance().isActivityEmbedded(Activity) changes to ActivityEmbeddingController.getInstance(Context).isActivityEmbedded(Activity).
    • SplitController.getInstance().registerRule(rule) changes to RuleController.getInstance(Context).addRule(rule).
    • SplitController.getInstance().unregisterRule(rule) changes to RuleController.getInstance(Context).removeRule(rule).
    • SplitController.getInstance().clearRegisteredRules() changes to RuleController.getInstance(Context).clearRules().
    • SplitController.getInstance().getSplitRules() changes to RuleController.getInstance(Context).getRules().
  • SplitRule property migrations:
    • minWidth and minSmallestWidth now use dp units instead of pixels. Apps can use the following call: kotlin TypedValue.applyDimension( COMPLEX_UNIT_DIP, minWidthInPixels, resources.displayMetrics ) or simply divide minWith in pixels by displayMetrics#density.
  • Finish behavior constants must be migrated to FinishBehavior enum-like class constants:
    • FINISH_NEVER changes to FinishBehavior.NEVER.
    • FINISH_ALWAYS changes to FinishBehavior.ALWAYS.
    • FINISH_ADJACENT changes to FinishBehavior.ADJACENT.
  • Layout direction must be migrated to SplitAttributes.LayoutDirection:
    • ltr changes to SplitAttributes.LayoutDirection.LEFT_TO_RIGHT.
    • rtl changes to SplitAttributes.LayoutDirection.RIGHT_TO_LEFT.
    • locale changes to SplitAttributes.LayoutDirection.LOCALE.
    • splitRatio must be migrated to SplitAttributes.SplitType.ratio(splitRatio).
  • SplitPairRule.Builder migrations:
    • SplitPairRule.Builder(filters, minWidth, minSmallestWidth) changes to kotlin SplitPairRule.Builder(filters) .setMinWidthDp(minWidthInDp) // Optional if minWidthInDp is 600. .setMinSmallestWidthDp(minSmallestWidthDp) // Optional if minSmallestWidthInDp is 600.
    • setLayoutDirection(layoutDirection) and setSplitRatio(ratio) change to kotlin setDefaultSplitAttributes( SplitAttributes.Builder() .setLayoutDirection(layoutDirection) .setSplitType(SplitAttributes.SplitType.ratio(ratio)) .build() )
    • setFinishPrimaryWithSecondary and setFinishSecondaryWithPrimary take the FinishBehavior enum-like constants. See “SplitRule migrations” for details.
    • Use setMaxAspectRatioInPortrait(EmbeddingAspectRatio.ALWAYS_ALLOW) to show splits on portrait devices.
  • SplitPlaceholder.Builder migrations:
    • Has only filters and placeholderIntent parameters. Other properties move to setters. See “SplitPairRule.Builder migrations” for details.
    • setFinishPrimaryWithPlaceholder takes the FinishBehavior enum-like constants. See “SplitRule migrations” for details.
    • setLayoutDirection(layoutDirection) and setSplitRatio(ratio) change to: kotlin setDefaultSplitAttributes( SplitAttributes.Builder() .setLayoutDirection(layoutDirection) .setSplitType(SplitAttributes.SplitType.ratio(ratio)) .build() )
    • Use setMaxAspectRatioInPortrait(EmbeddingAspectRatio.ALWAYS_ALLOW) to show splits on portrait devices.

Version 1.1.0-alpha06

February 22, 2023

androidx.window:window-*:1.1.0-alpha06 is released. Version 1.1.0-alpha06 contains these commits.

New Features

  • Expose experimental version of getting the WindowLayoutInfo from a UI context.

API Changes

  • Add splitSupportStatus to indicate if Activity embedding is available. (I10024)
  • Make UI Context WindowLayoutInfo API as experimental. (I58ee0)
  • Introduces the WindowAreaController and API's to enable RearDisplay Mode to move the current window to the display that is aligned with the rear camera. (Iffcbf)
  • Update default background color. (I1ac1b)
  • Add SplitAttributes params. (I18bdd)
  • Add APIs for SplitRule, SplitAttributes, SplitAttributesCalculator. (I92d23)
  • Improve the APIs around maxAspectRatio:
    1. Replace alwaysAllow() and alwaysDisallow() with ALWAYS_ALLOW and ALWAYS_DISALLOW.
    2. Update API documentation of @see with standalone documentation. (I3057b)
  • The following constructors are removed from public APIs because they are not supposed to be called by apps.
    • SplitInfo constructor
    • ActivityStack constructor (Ide534)
  • SplitRule now takes maxAspectRatioInPortrait/Landscape. It only allows activities split when the aspect ratio of the parent bounds is smaller or equal to the requested maxAspectRatio. (Ia5990)
  • Change RuleController#parseRules to be static (I785df)
  • Improve the APIs around ActivityEmbedding
    1. Align the API naming - Use add/remove for multiple instances:
    2. registerRule changes to addRule
    3. unregisterRule changes to removeRule
    4. Replace getSplitRules with getRules since ActivityRule is not a split rule
    5. Add RuleController#setRules to set a bunch of rules
    6. Extract rule related APIs from SplitController to singleton RuleController. They are:
    7. addRule
    8. removeRule
    9. getRules
    10. setRules
    11. clearRules
    12. parseRules
    13. Extract #isActivityEmbedded from SplitController to singleton ActivityEmbeddingController. They are:
    14. isActivityEmbedded
    15. Remove SplitController#initialize. To set rules from XML file, please use RuleController#parseRules and #setRules. Before this change: SplitController.initialize(context, R.xml.static_rules) After this change: val ruleController = RuleController.getInstance(context) val rules = ruleController.parseRules(R.xml.static_rules) ruleController.setRules(rules)
    16. We don't distinguish static rules with runtime rules anymore. That said, calling #clearRules results to clear all rules no matter they are registered with static XML rule definitions or at runtime. To hav the legacy behavior of SplitController#clearRegisteredRules, please call RuleController#parseRules with the XML resources id and call RuleController#setRules to set back the rules again. Before this change: SplitController.getInstance(context).clearRegisteredRules() After this change: val ruleController = RuleController.getInstance(context) val rules = ruleController.parseRules(R.xml.static_rules) ruleController.setRules(rules) (Ib3967)
  • Improve the SplitRule APIs:
    1. Take min dimensions in DP instead of pixels for SplitRule.
    2. Refactor for SplitRule Builder to take min dimensions as optional. (I95f17)
  • Pass a Context to initialize SplitController (I42549)
  • Renamed SplitRule#layoutDir to #layoutDirection and SplitRule Builder#setLayoutDir to Builder#setLayoutDirection. (I3f6d1)

Version 1.1.0-alpha04

November 9, 2022

androidx.window:window-*:1.1.0-alpha04 is released. Version 1.1.0-alpha04 contains these commits.

New Features

  • Expose a method to determine if an ActivityStack is empty for ActivityEmbedding.
  • Removed experimental API tags from ActivityEmbedding APIs.
  • Hide ActivityRule constructor as the Builder is the preferred way to construct.
  • Add an experimental method to get the WindowInsets on WindowMetrics.
  • Update SplitPlaceholderFinishBehavior to prevent finishing the placeholder. Finishing the placeholder caused some confusing behavior.

API Changes

  • Make val isEmpty public to replace fun isEmpty.
  • Rename ActivityStack parameter activities to activitiesInProcess. (Ia5055)
  • Remove ActivityFilter#matchesClassName and ActivityFilter#matchesClassNameOrWildCard because they are confusing.
  • Add ActivityFilter#componentName abd ActivityFilter#intentAction to allow the caller to distinguish different filters (I41f22)
  • Remove the @Deprecated APIs from the experimental API (I216b3)
  • Remove @ExperimentalWindowApi for Activity Embedding APIs (I69ebe)
  • Hide ActivityRule constructor, use Builder instead. (If4eb6)
  • Add APIs to check if an Activity is part of the ActivityFilter. (Ia43cf)
  • Update API files to reflect changes in WindowMetrics and WindowMetricsCalculatorCompat classes (I667fe)
  • Update ActivityEmbedding Property Javadoc and class name (Ia1386)
  • Adding ActivityEmbedding property tag names to be used in AndroidManifest.xml (Id1ad4)
  • Added new API SplitPlaceholderFinishBehavior and SplitPlaceholderRule.finishPrimaryWithPlaceholder, this replaces existing SplitPlaceholderRule.finishPrimaryWithSecondary which defines when placeholder activites are finished, how associated activites in Activity Embedding should behave. (I64647)

Bug Fixes

  • Introduces the WindowAreaController and API's to enable RearDisplay Mode to move the current window to the display that is aligned with the rear camera. (I388ab)

Version 1.1.0-alpha03

July 27, 2022

androidx.window:window-*:1.1.0-alpha03 is released. Version 1.1.0-alpha03 contains these commits.

New Features

  • Update the default values for embedding rules.

API Changes

  • Update default values for embedding rule properties. (Ic4d35)

Version 1.1.0-alpha02

May 11, 2022

androidx.window:window-*:1.1.0-alpha02 is released. Version 1.1.0-alpha02 contains these commits.

New Features

  • Release the adapter libraries to support Java and RxJava.

Version 1.1.0-alpha01

May 11, 2022

androidx.window:window-*:1.1.0-alpha01 is released. Version 1.1.0-alpha01 contains these commits.

New Features

  • Release adapters to support java and RxJava

Version 1.1.0-alpha01

April 20, 2022

androidx.window:window:1.1.0-alpha01 is released. Version 1.1.0-alpha01 contains these commits.

New Features

  • Fixes a bug where backgrounding an app stops emitting fold features.
  • Expand on the experimental ActivityEmbedding API.

API Changes

  • A public API to check if an activity is being embedded. (I39eb7)

Bug Fixes

  • Add APIs that customize finishing behavior for containers in activity splits (I1a1e4)
  • Added a new configuration option for activity split rules. (Iec6af)

Version 1.0

Version 1.0.0

January 26, 2022

androidx.window:window-*:1.0.0 is released. Version 1.0.0 contains these commits.

Major features of 1.0.0

  • Support for folding phones through WindowInfoTracker and FoldingFeature. WindowMetricsCalculator to help calculate the current WindowMetrics.

Version 1.0.0-rc01

December 15, 2021

androidx.window:window-*:1.0.0-rc01 is released. Version 1.0.0-rc01 contains these commits.

New Features

  • Add support for folding phones through WindowInfoTracker.
  • Add methods to calculate the current and maximum WindowMetrics.
  • Add supporting test APIs.

Version 1.0.0-beta04

November 17, 2021

androidx.window:window-*:1.0.0-beta04 is released. Version 1.0.0-beta04 contains these commits.

New Features

  • Rename WindowInfoRepository to WindowInfoTracker.
  • Make Activity an explicit method dependency for WindowInfoTracker.
  • Add a simple TestRule for WindowMetricsCalculator to support developers using Robolectric.

API Changes

  • Extract extensions (I25a5f)
  • add isEmpty in ActivityStack (I5a4e6)
  • Rename WindowInfoRepository to WindowInfoTracker.
    • Update java/rxjava/testing dependencies to match. (I0da63)
  • Add a test rule for a simple WindowMetricsCalculator. (Ibacdb)

Version 1.0.0-beta03

October 27, 2021

androidx.window:window-*:1.0.0-beta03 is released. Version 1.0.0-beta03 contains these commits.

New Features

  • Add experimental Activity Embedding APIs. This initial layout version allows showing two Activities side by side.

API Changes

  • Removed the currentWindowMetrics API since we can not provide it accurately. Please use WindowMetricsCalculator instead (Icda5f)
  • Updated the extensions api. (Ica92b)
  • Added an interface for a new feature that allows embedding activities and showing them side-by-side within the parent task window. (I5711d)
  • Hid the constructors for WindowMetrics and WindowLayoutInfo, please use the test APIs instead. (I5a1b5)
  • Add an API to create fake WindowLayoutInfo objects. (I4a2fd)

Bug Fixes

Version 1.0.0-beta02

September 1, 2021

androidx.window:window-*:1.0.0-beta02 is released. Version 1.0.0-beta02 contains these commits.

New Features

  • Add an experimental annotation to annotate experimental APIs. (I9f1b6)
  • Add a test method to create a test FoldingFeature that accepts a Rect. This will make it easie to test when using Robolectric as opposed to an actual Activity. (Id1cca)

Version 1.0.0-beta01

August 18, 2021

androidx.window:window-*:1.0.0-beta01 is released. Version 1.0.0-beta01 contains these commits.

New Features

  • Removed old constants and made FoldingFeature into an interface.

API Changes

  • Remove old constants and make FoldFeature an interface. (I9a2d5)

Bug Fixes

  • Libraries that depend on the Test Core library have been upgraded to version 1.4.0 and will now work with Android platform version S. (I88b72, b/189353863)

Version 1.0.0-alpha10

August 4, 2021

androidx.window:window-*:1.0.0-alpha10 is released. Version 1.0.0-alpha10 contains these commits.

New Features

  • Rename WindowInfoRepo to WindowInfoRepository and adjust corresponding classes / files.
  • Convert current window metrics to a Flow in WindowInfoRepository since the value changes over time.
  • Rename WindowInfoRepoJavaAdapter to WindowInfoRepoCallbackAdapter
  • Add helper method to create test FoldingFeature objects
  • Update packages to group classes based on the feature they are supporting.

API Changes

  • Rename ActivityExt to ActivityExtensions Change from Repo to Repository. (I61a16)
  • Update packages for classes. (I23ae2)
  • Remove WindowMetrics from WindowInfoRepo (I24663)
  • Remove WindowManager and use WindowInfoRepo
    • Make WindowBackend internal. (I06d9a)
  • Convert window metrics to Flow.
    • Rename java adapter to WindowInfoRepoCallbackAdapter
    • Remove callbackFlow so no more experimental APIs are in use. (Ia4d15)
  • Add helper method to create test display features.
    • Change from occlusionMode to occlusionType (If4cff)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix proguard error where core library was being removed.
  • Fix error where WindowLayoutInfo was not being delivered to additional subscribers.
  • Fix error where config changes would not trigger folding feature updates.

Version 1.0.0-alpha09

June 30, 2021

androidx.window:window-*:1.0.0-alpha09 is released. Version 1.0.0-alpha09 contains these commits.

New Features

  • Change from integer constants to unbounded enums.
  • Add a test util to create test folding features.

API Changes

  • Add helper method to create test display features. (I3cf54)
    • Change from occlusionMode to occlusionType.

Bug Fixes

  • Emit initial value when adding multiple consumers of the data streams.

Version 1.0.0-alpha08

June 16, 2021

androidx.window:window-*:1.0.0-alpha08 is released. Version 1.0.0-alpha08 contains these commits.

New Features

  • Released a testing artifact to make it easier to test when using WindowInfoRepository. Use WindowInfoRepository to get information about DisplayFeatures and the WindowMetrics. (I57f66, Ida620)

Version 1.0.0-alpha07

June 2, 2021

androidx.window:window-*:1.0.0-alpha07 is released. Version 1.0.0-alpha07 contains these commits.

New Features

  • Migrate core window library to Kotlin. Will use coroutines and suspend functions to expose asynchronous data going forward.
  • Add WindowInfoRepo as the main interaction point for getting the WindowMetrics and the stream of WindowLayoutInfo.
  • New window-java artifact to expose Java-friendly APIs to register and unregister callbacks.
  • New window-rxjava2 and window-rxjava3 artifacts to expose RxJava adapted APIs.

API Changes

  • Add WindowServices to provide dependencies uniformly.
    • Add coroutine based api to consume window layout info. (Iab70f)
  • Migrate core window manager library to Kotlin. (Icca34)

Bug Fixes

  • Add new data class to represent feature bounds. (I6dcd1)

Version 1.0.0-alpha06

May 5, 2021

androidx.window:window:1.0.0-alpha06 is released. Version 1.0.0-alpha06 contains these commits.

New Features

  • We have started our migration to Kotlin and will finish in the next release.
  • DeviceState has been removed from the public API, please use FoldingFeature instead.
  • We have removed STATE_FLIPPED from the FoldingFeature states since it is not supported by any use-case at the moment.
  • We have also removed other deprecated APIs.

API Changes

  • Adding Kotlin as a dependency.
    • Migrate core library to Kotlin. (Idd995)
  • Removed DisplayFeature builder. (I61fa4)
  • Removed DeviceState from public api, use FoldingFeature instead. (Id6079)
  • Remove device state callback from extensions. (I5ea83)
  • Remove STATE_FLIPPED from FoldingFeature. (I9c4e1)
  • Remove deprecated registration methods. (Ib381b)

Version 1.0.0-alpha05

March 24, 2021

androidx.window:window:1.0.0-alpha05 is released. Version 1.0.0-alpha05 contains these commits.

New Features

We have added convenience methods to FoldingFeature so that apps can tell if the feature is separating, occluding, and determine the orientation of the hinge. We are also hiding the hinge type so that

We are removing the synchronous read methods from WindowManager. Synchronous read methods are error prone since there is an implicit race condition. Register listeners and callbacks to receive updates on the WindowLayoutInfo.

API Changes

  • Add convenience methods for working with FoldingFeatures (Ie733f)
  • Removes synchronous read methods from WindowManager (I96fd4)

Version 1.0.0-alpha04

March 10, 2021

androidx.window:window:1.0.0-alpha04 is released. Version 1.0.0-alpha04 contains these commits.

New Features

  • Fixes a bug where no WindowLayoutInfo is emitted if there isn’t an OEM implementation. Now we emit an empty WIndowLayoutInfo.
  • Fix a bug where state would not update properly if the hinge state changed while the app was backgrounded. Now the state should be consistent.
  • Update our proguard files to ignore warnings from runtime dependencies.

Bug Fixes

  • Emit an empty value when the OEM library is missing. (Ide935)

Version 1.0.0-alpha03

February 18, 2021

androidx.window:window:1.0.0-alpha03 is released. Version 1.0.0-alpha03 contains these commits.

New Features

  • Emit an empty value for WindowLayoutInfo when the OEM implementation is empty. This should make it easier to use the library on more devices. Since the APIs are asynchronous it is still recommended that apps write some defensive code and emit a default value after a timeout. We do not have any guarantees on OEM implementations and the initial value may be delayed.

Bug Fixes

  • Emit an empty value when the OEM library is missing. (Ide935)

Version 1.0.0-alpha02

January 27, 2021

androidx.window:window:1.0.0-alpha02 is released. Version 1.0.0-alpha02 contains these commits.

New Features

  • We have deprecated some APIs to help streamline the api and reduce mistakes. Some notable examples are removing the synchronous read operations from WindowManager and deprecating DeviceState. Synchronous read operations can lead to race conditions and have incorrect UI.

  • We have converted DisplayFeature to an interface that other features will implement going forward. Our first feature is FoldingFeature which is now the representation of a screen fold or a hinge. This also contains the state of the hinge replacing DeviceState.

  • WindowMetrics was introduced in Android 11 to provide developers with a simple way to query for metrics about a window, for example its position and size on screen and any system insets. We’ve backported the API in this release so that developers can leverage WindowMetrics and continue to support older Android versions. WindowMetrics can be obtained through the WindowManager#getCurrentWindowMetrics() and WindowManager#getMaximumWindowMetrics() APIs.

API Changes

  • Deprecate APIs that will be removed in the next alpha (Ib7cc4)
  • Updates ExtensionInterface to accept explicit Activity references. (I07ded)
  • Introduces the WindowMetrics API. (I3ccee)
  • Remove synchronous read methods from WindowManager (I69983)
  • Make ExtensionWindowBackend package protected. (Ied208)

Bug Fixes

  • Update ExtensionInterface APIs to accept visual contexts. (I8e827)

External Contribution

  • Merge DeviceState and WindowLayoutInfo so it is easier to access data. (Id34f4)

Version 1.0.0-alpha01

February 27, 2020

androidx.window:window:1.0.0-alpha01 and androidx.window:window-extensions:1.0.0-alpha01 are released. Version 1.0.0-alpha01 contains these commits. This is the first release of the Window Manager library.

New features

  • DisplayFeature: This new API identifies disruptions in the continuous flat screen surfaces such as hinges or folds
  • DeviceState: This new API provides the current posture of the phone from a list of defined postures (For example, CLOSED, OPENED, HALF_OPENED, etc.)