Play as you Download

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Built into the core of Android 12, Play as you Download allows your players to get into gameplay quickly after a small download while remaining game assets are fetched in the background. To make this happen, Google Play analyzes crowdsourced first-play experience filesystem access patterns and automatically identifies assets to optimize.

Play as you Download in action

Play Asset Delivery integration

Play Asset Delivery (PAD) gives you premium delivery performance with auto-updates, delta patching, and more. Play as you Download makes PAD even better; if your game takes advantage of a large upfront asset pack, Play as you Download analyzes it and optimizes the delivery of essential assets.

Enable your game

If you’re using both the Android App Bundle format and current ads SDKs, you've done the work necessary to enable Play as you Download. You can join our waitlist today if you're interested in enabling this for your game.