Use Firebase Dynamic Links with instant apps

Several deep linking libraries are compatible with Google Play Instant such as Branch.

If your current deep linking solution isn't listed or if you find that it doesn't work with Google Play Instant, consider using Firebase Dynamic Links. This page describes how to set up Firebase Dynamic Links in an instant app project.

Key benefits

  • Wrapping your links with Firebase Dynamic Links guarantees that clicks on links always take users to your instant app. Otherwise, apps can force links to be opened inside an in-app browser instead of an instant app. Firebase Dynamic Links allows you to control the behavior of clicks on links.
  • Firebase Dynamic Links allows you to track analytics on events like clicks, first-opens, re-opens, and installs. Dynamic Links events also are recorded in Google Analytics for Firebase.

You can integrate Firebase Dynamic Links with your instant app project the same way you would integrate a standard Android app.

After you integrate with Firebase Dynamic Links, you just have to set the androidFallbackLink parameter to your Instant Apps link.