Provide multiple entry points into an instant experience

Each instant experience has at least one entry point, which is a single activity within your app or game. If you want your app or game to have multiple entry points, each starting activity needs to be addressable; that is, it needs to correspond to a unique URL.

If the URLs for the entry points in an instant app or game share a domain, each entry point needs to correspond to a different path within that domain. For example, say you're creating a navigation app that should have three separate entry points: find current location, search for nearby restaurants, and share location. Each of these features corresponds to resources within a web domain, "". To provide a unique URL for each entry point, specify different paths within the domain, as shown in the following table.

Feature URL
Location finder
Nearby restaurants
Share location

Declare URL path prefixes

It's possible for the URL of one entry point to share a prefix with the URLs of other entry points into the same app or game. In this case, specify the full path for one entry point and the path prefix for the other entry points, as shown in the following code snippet:


  <activity android:name=".CatalogActivity" >
      <!-- List of items in the catalog. -->
      <data android:path="/items" />
  <activity android:name=".ItemActivity" >
      <!-- Information about a specific item in the catalog. -->
      <data android:pathPrefix="/items/" />