Build a details screen

Many TV apps include content detail pages with relevant metadata for a given piece of content (i.e. a specific movie). Detail pages can be implemented as a composable function, taking metadata of the selected content as its argument.

The following code is a typical implementation of the details screen. It loads an image of the given movie with its title and description. The user's able to make a screen transition to the player screen, which can be triggered by clicking a button to start movie playback. You can handle this action to make the screen transition by setting a callback function.

fun DetailsScreen(
  movie: Movie,
  modifier: Modifier = Modifier,
  onStartPlayback: (Movie) -> Unit = {}
) {
  Box(modifier = modifier.fillMaxSize()){
       modifier = Modifier.fillMaxSize()
       model = movie.image,
       contentDescription = null,
       contentScale = ContentScale.Crop,
     Column(modifier = Modifier.padding(32.dp)){
         text = movie.title,
         style = MaterialTheme.typeography.heading2
       Text(text = movie.description)
       Button(onClick = { onStartPlayBack(movie) }){
         Text(text = R.string.startPlayback)