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Class Index

These are the API classes. See all API packages.

O   R   S   T  


OnCompleteListener<TResult> Listener called when a Task completes. 
OnFailureListener Listener called when a Task fails with an exception. 
OnSuccessListener<TResult> Listener called when a Task completes successfully. 


RuntimeExecutionException Runtime version of ExecutionException


SplitCompat SplitCompat enables access to splits installed through SplitInstallManager before application restart. 
SplitCompatApplication Minimal SplitCompat capable application. 
SplitInstallErrorCode Status of a download / install. 
SplitInstallException An exception indicating something went wrong with a split install. 
SplitInstallHelper Helper class hosting utilities used to make information from split apks available to the rest of the app after the split is installed. 
SplitInstallManager Manages sessions for installing dynamic splits. 
SplitInstallManagerFactory Creates instances of SplitInstallManager
SplitInstallRequest A request to install some splits. 
SplitInstallRequest.Builder A builder for a request to install some splits. 
SplitInstallSessionState Current state of a split download/install session. 
SplitInstallSessionStatus Status of a download / install. 
SplitInstallStateUpdatedListener Listeners that may be registered for split install updates. 
StateUpdatedListener<StateT> Base interface for state update listeners. 


Task<TResult> Represents an asynchronous operation. 
TaskExecutors Standard Executor instances for use with Task
Tasks Task utility methods.