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These are the API classes. See all API packages.


ActivityResult Custom Activity results for the in-app update flow. 
AppUpdateInfo Contains information about the avilability and progress of an app update. 
AppUpdateManager Manages operations that allow your app to initiate its own updates. 
AppUpdateManagerFactory Creates instances of AppUpdateManager
AppUpdateOptions Options defining a specific in-app update flow and its parameters. 
AppUpdateOptions.Builder Builder for AppUpdateOptions
AppUpdateType Identifiers for the different types of developer triggered updates. 


FakeAppUpdateManager A fake implementation of the AppUpdateManager


InstallErrorCode StatusCodes used by InstallService. 
InstallException An exception indicating something went wrong with an install/update. 
InstallState Reports the request state of a module install or update. 
InstallStateUpdatedListener Listeners that you can register to monitor updates installs. 
InstallStatus Status of a download / install. 


UpdateAvailability Availability of an update for the requested package. 
UpdatePrecondition Conditions related to an available update that may prevent the immediate execution of certain AppUpdateTypes.