External offers APIs

In certain countries, eligible developers are able to lead users outside the app, including to promote offers for in-app digital features and services. This guide addresses the APIs to enable external offers. You should review the program requirements and enroll in the external offers program before using these APIs.

Glossary of terms

Term conventions followed by this guide:

  • External offers APIs: APIs used to direct the user outside of the app, including surfacing required information screen and reporting applicable transactions.
  • External transaction: A qualifying transaction that occurs outside of the app as defined by the program requirements.
  • External transaction token: A token provided to the developer through the Play Billing Library for the developer to use when the user completes an external transaction. This token is used to notify Google Play of a successful purchase.
  • External transaction ID: A unique identifier generated by the developer to identify an external transaction.

Support external offers

This section describes how to support external offers. Before using these APIs, ensure the following:

Configure in Play Console

To configure external offers in Play Console, follow the steps outlined in the program requirements.

Information screen for users

The information screen helps users understand that they are about to visit an external website. The information screen will be shown to users each time before they are directed outside of the app using the external offers APIs.

Information screen

Example for illustrative purposes only.

Next steps

To begin integrating the external offers APIs, follow the in-depth guides for both in-app integration and backend integration.