Enable simple, secure checkout with Google Pay

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Eliminate credit card and shipping forms from your app with Google Pay and drive higher conversions on purchases of physical goods and services. With Google Pay, users can securely share their payment and shipping information in a couple of clicks, and you can process the transaction through your existing infrastructure and payment service provider. There are no fees paid to Google for this service: you continue to pay your payment processor as you do today.

Why it works

Integrating Google Pay lets you reach millions of signed-in Android users and drive higher conversions. It's easy to integrate and supports most major payment providers, so there are no changes to your payment processing or back-office systems. The Android Pay API is open to all developers selling physical goods and services in the markets where Google Pay is available. The new PaymentRequest web API, developed together with Chrome and standardized across browsers through W3C, also allows users to pay on mobile websites as they do in-store and in-app.

Best practices

  • Enable quicker single-item purchases by adding Google Pay on your product pages in addition to an ‘add to cart’ option.
  • Enable Google Pay automatically for users that have it to avoid signing up users during checkout and skip payment method setup screens for your new users.
  • Don't make users manually enter information that's returned by Google Pay.
  • Display all relevant purchase information (such as final price and shipping method) before confirming an order.
  • Implement the API call to check the user’s Google Pay readiness before displaying the Buy with Google Pay button.
  • Enable users to add offers, loyalty cards, and gift cards in the Google Pay app with the tap of a button. Simply add a deep link to an email, SMS message, push notification, or within an app.
  • Enroll new customers into a loyalty program with the new simplified sign-up feature, either through sign-ups in store using an NFC tap or a sign-up page linked from a Google Pay transaction notification.
  • Remember that you must use Google Play's billing system to sell digital goods, services, content, or functionality. See our policy here.

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