Prepare your apps for the latest version of Wear OS. Learn about behavior changes in Wear OS 4, and discover how you can further enhance your app's user experience.
Explore how your app behaves on Wear OS 4. Install the latest stable system image of Wear OS 4 onto a physical device, or onto an emulated device in Android Studio.

What's in Wear OS 4

The latest version of Wear OS includes several updates and optimizations to help your app run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
Bring your creative vision to life using either Watch Face Studio or the Watch Face Format.
Health Services offers improved permissions for background body sensors. On the emulator, test a wider variety of exercise types more seamlessly.
Prepare your app for 64-bit only hardware and take advantage of the performance and security improvements introduced in Wear OS 4.

Latest news

Learn how to set your app apart by adding surfaces and features to drive engagement.
Google Pixel Watch 2 is here and brings the capabilities of Wear OS 4 to users. Get your app ready for the latest software and devices!