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Added in API level 1

Default implementations for interfaces in
There are implementations of the transport encodings used by HTTP, in particular the chunked encoding for sending and receiving entities.


AbstractMessageParser Message parser base class. 
AbstractSessionInputBuffer Abstract base class for session input buffers that stream data from a InputStream
AbstractSessionOutputBuffer Abstract base class for session output buffers that stream data to an OutputStream
ChunkedInputStream Implements chunked transfer coding. 
ChunkedOutputStream Implements chunked transfer coding. 
ContentLengthInputStream Stream that cuts off after a specified number of bytes. 
ContentLengthOutputStream A stream wrapper that closes itself after a defined number of bytes. 
HttpTransportMetricsImpl Default implementation of HttpTransportMetrics
IdentityInputStream A stream for reading from a session input buffer
IdentityOutputStream A stream for writing with an "identity" transport encoding. 
SocketInputBuffer Socket bound session input buffer. 
SocketOutputBuffer Socket bound session output buffer. 
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