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Added in API level 1



AbstractHttpClient Convenience base class for HTTP client implementations. 
BasicCookieStore Default implementation of CookieStore 
BasicCredentialsProvider Default implementation of CredentialsProvider 
BasicResponseHandler A ResponseHandler that returns the response body as a String for successful (2xx) responses. 
ClientParamsStack Represents a stack of parameter collections. 
DefaultConnectionKeepAliveStrategy Default implementation of a strategy deciding duration that a connection can remain idle. 
DefaultHttpClient Default implementation of an HTTP client. 
DefaultHttpRequestRetryHandler The default HttpRequestRetryHandler used by request executors. 
DefaultRedirectHandler Default implementation of RedirectHandler
DefaultRequestDirector Default implementation of RequestDirector
EntityEnclosingRequestWrapper A wrapper class for HttpEntityEnclosingRequests that can be used to change properties of the current request without modifying the original object. 
RedirectLocations A collection of URIs that were used as redirects. 
RequestWrapper A wrapper class for HttpRequests that can be used to change properties of the current request without modifying the original object. 
RoutedRequest A request with the route along which it should be sent. 


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