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Added in API level 1


Representations for HTTP message entities. An entity is the optional content of a message. You'll find a basic selection of entity implementations here. If you need to send an entity, you can provide it for example as a byte array, string, file, or through an arbitrary input stream. If you receive a message with an entity, you typically get that as a basic entity. Entity implementations can be wrapped, for example to buffer the content in memory.


ContentLengthStrategy Represents a strategy to determine the content length based on the properties of an HTTP message. 
ContentProducer An abstract entity content producer. 


AbstractHttpEntity Abstract base class for entities. 
BasicHttpEntity A generic streamed entity being received on a connection. 
BufferedHttpEntity A wrapping entity that buffers it content if necessary. 
ByteArrayEntity An entity whose content is retrieved from a byte array. 
EntityTemplate Entity that delegates the process of content generation to an abstract content producer. 
FileEntity An entity whose content is retrieved from a file. 
HttpEntityWrapper Base class for wrapping entities. 
InputStreamEntity A streamed entity obtaining content from an InputStream
StringEntity An entity whose content is retrieved from a string. 
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