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Added in API level 1
public interface


Known Indirect Subclasses

Class Overview

A simple class encapsulating an attribute/value pair.

This class comforms to the generic grammar and formatting rules outlined in the Section 2.2 and Section 3.6 of RFC 2616

2.2 Basic Rules

The following rules are used throughout this specification to describe basic parsing constructs. The US-ASCII coded character set is defined by ANSI X3.4-1986.

     OCTET          = 
     CHAR           = 
     UPALPHA        = 
     LOALPHA        = 
     ALPHA          = UPALPHA | LOALPHA
     DIGIT          = 
     CTL            = 
     CR             = 
     LF             = 
     SP             = 
     HT             = 
     <">            = 

Many HTTP/1.1 header field values consist of words separated by LWS or special characters. These special characters MUST be in a quoted string to be used within a parameter value (as defined in section 3.6).

 token          = 1*
 separators     = "(" | ")" | "<" | ">" | "@"
                | "," | ";" | ":" | "\" | <">
                | "/" | "[" | "]" | "?" | "="
                | "{" | "}" | SP | HT

A string of text is parsed as a single word if it is quoted using double-quote marks.

 quoted-string  = ( <"> *(qdtext | quoted-pair ) <"> )
 qdtext         = >

The backslash character ("\") MAY be used as a single-character quoting mechanism only within quoted-string and comment constructs.

 quoted-pair    = "\" CHAR
3.6 Transfer Codings

Parameters are in the form of attribute/value pairs.

 parameter               = attribute "=" value
 attribute               = token
 value                   = token | quoted-string


Public Methods
abstract String getName()
abstract String getValue()

Public Methods

public abstract String getName ()

Added in API level 1

public abstract String getValue ()

Added in API level 1

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