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AndroidThings Android Things library information. 
AndroidThings.Product AndroidThings product information. 


BluetoothClassFactory Builder to instantiate a BluetoothClass
BluetoothConfigManager This class is used to control various configuration options for the Bluetooth stack. 
BluetoothConnectionCallback This callback is invoked when the device receives requests for Bluetooth profile connections and contains relevant information to handle the connection process. 
BluetoothConnectionManager This class is responsible for handling Bluetooth pairing and connections with a remote BluetoothDevice

It allows developers to perform the following main operations. 

BluetoothPairingCallback This callback is invoked during the Bluetooth pairing process and contains all the relevant pairing information required for pairing. 
BluetoothProfile Lists all the Bluetooth profiles available in the system. 
BluetoothProfileManager Allows applications to enable/disable Bluetooth profiles on the system. 


ConnectionParams This class encapsulates the information about a particular connection request with a remote Bluetooth device. 


DeviceManager This class provides access to the device management service. 


GnssClockBuilder Builder for GnssClock
GnssDriver Driver to interface with user-connected GNSS sensors. 
GnssMeasurementBuilder Builder for GnssMeasurement, which represents measurement data for an individual satellite. 
GnssMeasurementsEventBuilder Builder for GnssMeasurementsEvent, which contains measurement data for all satellites in this event. 
GnssStateListener GNSS State Listener Handles changes in the enabled state of the gnss system. 
GnssStatusBuilder Builder for GnssStatus, which contains information about satellites that were detected. 
Gpio Controls a GPIO pin. 
GpioCallback GPIO interrupt callback. 
GpioDriver GPIO user driver. 


I2cBusDriver I2C user driver. 
I2cDevice Controls an I2C device. 
InputDriver Driver to interface with user-connected input devices. 
InputDriver.Builder Builder class for InputDriver objects. 
InputDriverEvent An event to send to an InputDriver
InterfaceDisabledException Exception indicating this operation requires the interface to be enabled. 


JoinFailedAtAuthException Exception indicating the join operation was unable to find the given network. 
JoinFailedAtScanException Exception indicating the join operation was unable to find the given network. 
JoinFailedException Exception indicating the join operation has failed. 


LowpanBeaconInfo Describes a LoWPAN Beacon. 
LowpanCredential Describes a network access credential for a LoWPAN. 
LowpanDriver Driver to implement LoWPAN device. 
LowpanDriverCallback Callback interface for LowpanDriver. 
LowpanEnergyScanResult Describes the result from one channel of an energy scan. 
LowpanException Exception base class for LoWPAN-specific exceptions. 
LowpanIdentity Describes an instance of a LoWPAN network. 
LowpanIdentity.Builder Builder class for constructing instances of LowpanIdentity. 
LowpanInterface Class for managing a specific Low-power Wireless Personal Area Network (LoWPAN) interface. 
LowpanInterface.Callback Callback base class for LowpanInterface
LowpanManager Manager object for looking up LoWPAN interfaces. 
LowpanManager.Callback Callback base class for LowpanManager
LowpanProvisioningParams Describes the information needed to be a part of a specific network. 
LowpanProvisioningParams.Builder Builder class for constructing LowpanProvisioningParams objects. 
LowpanRuntimeException Runtime exceptions specific to LoWPAN operations. 
LowpanScanner Class for performing active and passive scans. 
LowpanScanner.Callback Callback base class for LowpanScanner


NetworkAlreadyExistsException Exception indicating the form operation found a network nearby with the same identity. 


OperationCanceledException Exception indicating this operation was canceled by the driver before it could finish. 


PairingParams This class encapsulates the data for a particular pairing attempt. 
PendingUpdateInfo Extra information that only pertains to a pending update. 
PeripheralManager Lists and opens peripherals. 
PioDriverManager Manager for PIO userspace drivers. 
Pwm Controls a PWM pin. 
PwmDriver PWM user driver. 


SpiBusDriver SPI user driver. 
SpiDevice Controls a SpiDevice. 
StatusListener Device firwmare update status listener. 


TimeManager This class provides access to device settings related to time. 


UartDevice Controls a UART device. 
UartDeviceCallback UART interrupt callback. 
UartDeviceDriver UART user driver. 
UpdateManager The UpdateManager allows an application or service to control how updates are automatically applied to the device. 
UpdateManagerStatus Represents the current status of the UpdateManager. 
UpdatePolicy The UpdatePolicy is an immutable object that represents the combination of an UpdateManager policy and its options. 
UpdatePolicy.Builder The Builder is used to construct new UpdatePolicy objects. 
UserDriverManager Manager for all Android Things user drivers. 
UserSensor A user-defined sensor backed by a UserSensorDriver
UserSensor.Builder Builder to allow for flexible UserSensor construction. 
UserSensorDriver Driver to interface with a user-connected sensor. 
UserSensorReading A single user-sensor reading. 


VersionInfo Describes a complete release (OS and OEM versions). 


WrongStateException Exception indicating the interface is the wrong state for an operation.