public static class WearableListView.ViewHolder
extends RecyclerView.ViewHolder

   ↳ android.support.v7.widget.RecyclerView.ViewHolder
     ↳ android.support.wearable.view.WearableListView.ViewHolder

This class is deprecated.
for centering and snapping your list items consider using the WearableRecyclerView supported by a SnapHelper or the LinearSnapHelper. For scaling and otherwise modifying the list items based on their location on the screen consider using an WearableRecyclerView.ChildLayoutManager or the CurvedChildLayoutManager.

Wrapper around items displayed in the list view. WearableListView.Adapter must return objects that are instances of this class. Consider making the wrapped View implement WearableListView.OnCenterProximityListener if you want to receive a callback when it becomes or ceases to be the central item in the WearableListView.


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ViewHolder(View itemView)

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public ViewHolder (View itemView)

itemView View