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Class Index

These are the API classes. See all API packages.


Car Top level car API for embedded Android Auto deployments. 
CarAppFocusManager CarAppFocusManager allows applications to set and listen for the current application focus like active navigation or active voice command. 
CarAppFocusManager.OnAppFocusChangedListener Listener to get notification for app getting information on application type status changes. 
CarAppFocusManager.OnAppFocusOwnershipCallback Listener to get notification for app getting information on app type ownership loss. 
CarAudioManager APIs for handling car specific audio stuff. 
CarAudioPatchHandle A class to encapsulate the handle for a system level audio patch. 
CarConfigurationManager Manager that exposes car configuration values that are stored on the system. 
CarInfoManager Utility to retrieve various static information from car. 
CarMenuCallbacks The callbacks that a car app needs to pass to a car ui provider for car menu interactions. 
CarMenuConstants Contains keys to the metadata of car menu, such as id, title, icon, etc. 
CarNavigationStatusManager API for providing navigation status for instrument cluster. 
CarNotConnectedException Exception thrown when car is not connected for the API which requires car connection. 
CarPackageManager Provides car specific API related with package management. 
CarSensorEvent A CarSensorEvent object corresponds to a single sensor event coming from the car. 
CarSensorManager API for monitoring car sensor data. 
CarSensorManager.OnSensorChangedListener Listener for car sensor data change. 
CarSettings System level car related settings. 
CarSettings.Global Global car settings, containing preferences that always apply identically to all defined users. 
CarUiEntry A base class for a car ui entry which is used for loading and manipulating common car app decor window (CarUi). 
CarUxRestrictions Car UX Restrictions event. 
CarUxRestrictions.Builder Builder class for CarUxRestrictions  
CarUxRestrictionsManager API to register and get the User Experience restrictions imposed based on the car's driving state. 
CarUxRestrictionsManager.OnUxRestrictionsChangedListener Listener Interface for clients to implement to get updated on driving state related changes. 


RootMenu Stores the root id for the menu. 


SpeedBumpConfiguration A configuration struct that holds information for tweaking SpeedBump settings. 
SubscriptionCallbacks The callbacks to receive menu items updates. 


VehiclePropertyIds Copy from android.hardware.automotive.vehicle-V2.0-java_gen_java/gen/android/hardware/automotive /vehicle/V2_0.