When a parent part-based element such as PartText is tapped, this element triggers the launch of an app or app component that's installed on the Wear OS device.

Introduced in Wear OS 4.


<Launch target="string">


The Launch element has one attribute, target, that is required. This value can be one of the following:

  • A developer-customized name: Specifies the name of a component that is launched.
  • ALARM: The device's default alarm clock app.
  • BATTERY_STATUS: The battery status screen in system settings.
  • CALENDAR: The device's default calendar app.
  • HEALTH_HEART_RATE: The device's default heart-rate-monitor app.
  • MESSAGE: The device's default text messaging app.
  • MUSIC_PLAYER: The device's default music player app.
  • PHONE: The device's default phone app, where users place phone calls.
  • SETTINGS: The device's system settings.