Build TV playback apps

Browsing and playing media files is frequently part of the user experience provided by a TV app. Building such an experience from scratch while making sure that it is fast, fluid, and attractive can be challenging. Whether your app provides access to a small or large media catalog, enable users to quickly browse options and get to the content they want.


Build UIs with Compose for TV

Note: The Leanback UI toolkit, which uses views and fragments, is deprecated in favor of Compose.

Implement a media session
Use a MediaSession to inform Android TV what's playing in your app and let interactions from outside your app control media.
Playback controls on TV
Best practices for creating a consistent playback experience across Android TV OS.
Display a Now Playing card
Use a MediaSession to display a Now Playing card on the home screen.
Display video previews
Render a preview video directly on a surface of the home screen.
Support Ambient Mode
Save energy and avoid screen burn issues.
Match content frame rate
Manage frame rates using the frame rate API.