Support for 64-bit x86

The Android NDK supports the x86_64 ABI. This ABI allows native code to run on Android-based devices using CPUs that support the 64-bit x86 instruction set.


Binaries targeting x86_64 will be built by default. If you have set APP_ABI in your file, ensure that it is either set to "all" or includes "x86". For example:

APP_ABI := arm64-v8a x86_64

For more information on how to specify values for APP_ABI, see

The build system places libraries generated for the x86_64 ABI into $PROJECT/libs/x86_64/ on your host machine, where $PROJECT is the root directory of your project. It also embeds them in your APK, under /lib/x86_64/.

The Android package manager extracts these libraries when installing your APK on a compatible 64-bit, x86-powered device, placing them under your app's private data directory.

In the Google Play Store, the server filters applications so that a consumer sees only the native libraries that run on the CPU powering his or her device.

Standalone Toolchain

You can use the 64-bit x86 toolchain in standalone mode with the NDK. For more information about doing so, see Standalone Toolchain, under the "Advanced method" section.


The NDK provides native versions of Android APIs for 64-bit x86 machine code starting from Android 5.0 (Android API level 21). If your project files target an older API level, but include x86_64 as a targeted platform, the ndk-build automatically selects the right set of native platform headers and libraries for you.