x86 Support

The NDK includes support for the x86 ABI, which allows native code to run on Android-based devices running on CPUs supporting the IA-32 instruction set.


Binaries targeting x86 will be built by default. If you have set APP_ABI in your Application.mk file, ensure that it is either set to "all" or includes "x86". For example:

APP_ABI := armeabi-v7a arm64-v8a x86

For more information about defining the APP_ABI variable, see Application.mk.

The build system places generated libraries into $PROJECT/libs/x86/, where $PROJECT represents your project's root directory, and embeds them in your APK under /lib/x86/.

The Android package extracts these libraries when installing your APK on a compatible x86-based device, placing them under your app's private data directory.

In the Google Play Store, the server filters applications so that a consumer sees only the native libraries that run on the CPU powering their device.