Create a big-screen media experience on large screen devices.
Create a media kiosk that lets users browse, sort, filter, and select their favorite movies, music, or TV shows from an extensive media collection on a big-production display.
Supporting pane
Enhance the media viewing or listening experience in the expanded space of large screens with a scrolling list of similar titles, published reviews, or additional works by the same artists or actors.
Supporting pane
Embed a supporting pane for context, relevance, or reference while maintaining an immersive viewing experience.
Create an interactive media browser to make media searches productive and engaging. Enable users to browse while watching or listening. With a large screen layout, display a collection of media titles side by side with a playing video or audio file to give users a preview or quick listen of selection after selection.
Let users lean back and enjoy their favorite content with tabletop posture on foldables. Place playback media above the fold, controls and supplementary content below, for a hands-free viewing or listening experience.
Bring the small screen to the big screen so users can watch and work, learn and do at the same time.
Let users multitask with two apps side by side to browse a collection of movies while checking out casts and characters, or listen to music while searching for covers or the latest music news and reviews.

Customer stories

“We wanted the app to be available on every screen so that our users can enjoy the content regardless of their device. From the beginning we intended to support every screen: from phones to Chromebooks to TV, and everything in between.”

Erik Wallentinsen

Sr. Director, Software Engineering at Disney Streaming

Android Developer Story: Spotify across screens

Spotify’s mission is to connect millions of creators to billions of fans. Learn more about how supporting the full range of Android devices and form factors, including tablets, foldables, ChromeOS, Wear OS, Android TV, and Android for Cars—as well as integrating the voice capabilities of Google Assistant—is helping Spotify achieve its mission.

Build better with Android

Increase user productivity with multitasking and drag and drop on expansive large screens. Show more tools, controls, history, comments, more of everything users need to be productive.
Present users with a bigger showroom for window shopping, side-by-side comparisons, search and discovery, and sharing bargains with friends.