Move more merchandise in a large screen online storefront with more to choose from, more ways to shop for more customer engagement and retention.
Create enticing product collections in a large display space that enables detailed imagery and compelling copy for motivated buying. Promote products by using outsized dimensions and prominent positioning to focus attention and generate buying interest.
Supporting pane
Turn shopping into buying with assistive features like product filters for targeted searches or a checklist of product options for a subtle upsell. Leverage large screen space to keep assistance readily accessible in a supporting pane while still leaving plenty of room for product viewing.
Expedite informed, confident buying decisions by enabling shoppers to view products in one window while researching product ratings, reviews, and reports in another.
Make purchasing quick and easy with a drag-and-drop shopping cart. Capture prospective purchases in a drag-and-drop wish list. Enable shoppers to share bargains and buys with family and friends using drag and drop from shopping apps to chat or email apps in multi-window mode.

Customer stories

eBay gets a 4.7 Google Play rating with tablet optimizations

eBay is a massive online marketplace used by millions of buyers and sellers around the world. A productive, satisfying user experience is key to driving sales. The Android engineers on eBay’s architecture team increased utilization of the eBay app and improved the user experience by optimizing the app for large screens.

Build better with Android

Enable users to enjoy reading at home and on the go. Improve readability. Reduce eyestrain. Make your app a must-have for bookworms and bibliophiles.
Provide a larger creative space with room for tools, palettes, and previews. Support drag and drop from content sources. Enable stylus input for user comfort and control.