Version 1.2.0-alpha01

May 7, 2019

androidx.transition:transition:1.2.0-alpha01 is released.

New features

  • This version should be used if you are specifying Q as a targetSdkVersion. Otherwise, some of the transitions will not work properly. Instead of the reflection calls, this version uses the new public methods added in Q. It is a part of our restrictions on non-SDK interfaces effort.

Version 1.1.0-rc01

May 7, 2019

androidx.transition:transition:1.1.0-rc01 is released. The commits included in this version can be found here.

Version 1.1.0-beta01

April 3, 2019

androidx.transition:transition:1.1.0-beta01 is released. The commits included in this version can be found here.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed ViewGroupOverlay caching bug in Visibility, occurring on API Level 17 and lower (aosp/937350)

Version 1.1.0-alpha02

March 13, 2019

androidx.transition:transition:1.1.0-alpha02 is released. The full list of commits included in this version can be found here.

API changes

  • The method parameter’s type of Scene.getCurrentScene() was changed from View to ViewGroup.

Bug fixes

  • SidePropagation doesn’t work when an additional delay provided via setStartDelay() (b/119839526).
  • ChangeImageTransform applies wrong matrix when interrupted before API 21 (b/123226255).
  • ChangeTransform works incorrectly in some cases before API 21 (b/125777978).

Version 1.1.0-alpha01

December 3, 2018

API changes

  • aosp/807055: Scene.getCurrentScene(View) method made public. It allows you to write a custom conditional logic depending on a current scene.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash when using TransitionManager to collapse/expand item in RecyclerView (b/37129527).
  • Fixed incorrect animation when two Visibility transitions applied (b/62629600).
  • Allow override values like duration and interpolator for TransitionSet’s children (b/64644617).
  • Many other minor bugs fixed.