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Latest Update Current Stable Release Next Release Candidate Beta Release Alpha Release
April 1, 2020 1.0.0 - 1.1.0-beta01 -

Declaring dependencies

To add a dependency on DrawerLayout, you must add the Google Maven repository to your project. Read Google's Maven repository for more information.

Add the dependencies for the artifacts you need in the build.gradle file for your app or module:

dependencies {
    implementation "androidx.drawerlayout:drawerlayout:1.0.0"

For more information about dependencies, see Add build dependencies.

Version 1.1.0

Version 1.1.0-beta01

April 1, 2020

androidx.drawerlayout:drawerlayout:1.1.0-beta01 is released with no changes since 1.1.0-alpha04. Version 1.1.0-beta01 contains these commits.

Version 1.1.0-alpha04

March 4, 2020

androidx.drawerlayout:drawerlayout:1.1.0-alpha04 is released. Version 1.1.0-alpha04 contains these commits.

API Changes

Version 1.1.0-alpha03

August 15, 2019

androidx.drawerlayout:drawerlayout:1.1.0-alpha03 is released. The commits included in this version can be found here.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed binary incompatibility with androidx.core:core:1.2.0-alpha03 (b/139103874)

Version 1.1.0-alpha02

June 13, 2019

androidx.drawerlayout:drawerlayout:1.1.0-alpha02 is released. The commits included in this version can be found here.

New features

  • Can now set default style using new drawerLayoutStyle theme attribute.
  • Removed deprecated behavior when used with gesture navigation on Android 10. Drawers are now swiped open using a long press and swipe

Version 1.1.0-alpha01

May 7, 2019

androidx.drawerlayout:drawerlayout:1.1.0-alpha01 is released.

New features

  • Update for Gesture Nav Support: DrawerLayout now sets system gesture exclusion rects to permit swiping drawers open.

Version 1.0.0

Version 1.0.0

September 21, 2018

androidx.drawerlayout:drawerlayout:1.0.0 is released.