Welcome to Android 12 Developer Preview! Please give us feedback early and often, and help us make Android 12 the best release yet!


With each release, specific Android APIs may become obsolete or need to be refactored to provide a better developer experience or support new platform capabilities. In these cases, Android will officially deprecate the obsolete APIs and direct developers to new APIs to use instead.

Deprecation means that we’ve ended official support for the APIs, but they will continue to remain available to developers. This page highlights some of the deprecations in this release of Android. To see other deprecations, refer to the API diff report.


Starting with Android 12, the RenderScript APIs are deprecated. They will continue to function, but we expect that device and component manufacturers will stop providing hardware acceleration support over time. To take full advantage of GPU acceleration, we recommend migrating away from RenderScript.

Android playlists

Android playlists are deprecated. The API is no longer maintained but the current functionality remains for compatibility.