Take your music, leave your phone. The watch is the ultimate on-body controller that gives people quick access to media.

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Media is commonly used when people are working out. The watch is faster to access than the phone.
Homes are often filled with smart devices. The smartwatch can become the ultimate on-body controller for people around their home.
People usually control media from the watch while on the go. Common scenarios include commuting, gym, walking.

Help people listen to media without their phone.

Smartwatches are a great way for people to quickly control the media in their lives. Research shows that smartwatch interactions tend to be short, but frequent, so the glanceability of a media experience matters

Help people find media on their smartwatch. Prioritize content so that the most likely media choice is at the top of the app.

Help people quickly start or resume a media session by leaning into highly engaging surfaces such as tiles and complications.

Be sure to indicate download progress using the Ongoing Activity API. This gives the user assurance and understanding of what is happening on their watch.

People expect their Wear OS app to be fast. Use a placeholder UI to mask latency on your watch.

Playing media from the watch speaker doesn’t provide a great experience. Instead, when people initiate a media session, prompt them to select a more suitable output device, such as headphones.

Because most people have more than one media app, Wear OS provides an adaptable media control layout, so you can make media controls consistent from app to app.

Proven Design Patterns

Adapt and build using our media controller layout so people do not have to re-learn basics from app to app.
Enable people to quickly and easily control volume using rotary input on the smartwatch.
Launch the settings fragment so people can choose their output device before the media starts. Playing media from the watch speaker doesn’t provide a great experience.
The Wear OS golden tile layouts and complication templates can help people quickly initiate media sessions. Prioritize access to downloaded content to preserve users’ battery life.

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Spotify believes that Wearables will be more and more important in the future, and they see their investment in Wear OS as absolutely essential.

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People want to stay connected. A messaging experience enables reliable, helpful and safe communication from your smartwatch.
Help people live healthier lives by tracking workouts and setting fitness goals.