Create wearable apps

The pages below describe how to develop an app for a watch.

Create and run a wearable app
Learn how to create an Android Studio project that contains your watch app; learn how to run the app on a device or emulator.
Standalone apps
Learn how to create a watch app that works independently of a phone.
Create custom layouts
Learn how to create and display custom layouts for notifications and activities.
Keep your app visible
Learn how to enable ambient mode for your apps, so they remain visible while still saving battery power.
Authentication in Wear
Learn how to manage authentication.
Add voice capabilities
Learn how to launch an activity with voice actions and how to start the system speech recognizer app to obtain free-form voice input.
Package and distribute Wear apps
Learn how to package your app for direct distribution through the Play Store.
Debug a Wear OS app
Learn how to set up a debugging environment for your watch app.
Capture Wear OS screenshots
Learn how to capture Wear UI screenshots.
Create Wear OS apps for China
Learn how to support your app in China.