Test app component integrations

If your app uses components that users do not directly interact with, such as a Service or Content Provider, you should validate that these components behave in a correct way with your app.

When developing such components, you should get into the habit of writing integration tests in order to validate the component's behavior when your app runs on a device or an emulator.

Note: Android does not provide a separate test case class for BroadcastReceiver. To verify that a BroadcastReceiver responds correctly, you can test the component that sends it an Intent object. Alternatively, you can create an instance of your BroadcastReceiver by calling ApplicationProvider.getApplicationContext(), then call the BroadcastReceiver method that you want to test (usually, this is the onReceive() method).

This class teaches you to build automated integration tests using the testing APIs and tools that the Android platform provides.


Test your service
Learn how to build integration tests to verify that a service works correctly with your app.
Test your content provider
Learn how to build integration tests to verify that a content provider works correctly with your app.

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