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Discover how to achieve Android App Excellence and provide seamless user experiences.
From testing quality criteria, to checklists, to building for different form factors, use these resources to meet Android’s quality requirements and to go beyond them.
Make your app experience as compelling, smooth, and safe as possible. Work through the tests on this page to assess your app’s visual experience, performance, security, and more.
Form factors like Chromebooks, tablets and foldable devices are the fastest growing segment of Android devices. Ensure your app works well across screens, and explore how to create differentiated experiences on these devices.
Build for billions of users and improve your user experience through guidance on preserving battery life, accounting for higher data, slower networks, and different device capabilities.

Defining excellence article series

Consistent, intuitive app user experiences are more important than ever to grow your business. Maru Ahues Bouza, Director of Android Developer Relations, shares what Android App Excellence is all about, why it is important and how to achieve it.

Achieve a 5 star rating

Find out how to improve your app’s content user experience, and technical performance with these tips.
Follow this checklist to take all the steps necessary to launch your app successfully.
Learn about what affects your Google Play ratings and what you can do to improve them.
Achieve app excellence with Jetpack, a suite of libraries that helps developers reduce boilerplate and write code that works consistently across Android versions and devices.

Learn how leading apps invested in growth

Product managers and developers from popular apps share inspirational stories, tips, and recommendations on how they reached Android app excellence and how you can do the same.
Calling all Android developers! Through December 31st, come join the Android Study Jams and get hands on learning on advanced topics like Jetpack Compose, Coroutines, Hilt, and much more. Android experts will be there every step of the way to take your skills to the next level.
Coming in early 2022. Join us to learn what makes the best apps tick and how attention to quality helps them reach and retain valued users. Get access to experts and best practices that will help you improve your user experience.

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Stay up to date with the latest Android app excellence resources and tools.