Get your game on—on large screens for a more visual, more interactive, more immersive gaming experience.
Integrate support for external game controllers to make mobile gaming more engaging and accessible.
Provide mouse, trackpad, and keyboard integration for fine-tuned gameplay on large screens, including ChromeOS and Google Play Games on PC.
With multi-window mode on large screens, players can chat, stream, and share without stopping gameplay for a social gaming experience.
Optimize your in-game views to make the most of foldable devices. Enable multi-modal displays. Use high fidelity in-game assets. Build unique player experiences, such as custom control surfaces in tabletop posture.

Supported game engines

Commercial and open-source game engines are optimizing for large screen and multiplatform experiences.

Why build

By 2026, foldable phone shipments will reach 41M.

Source: IDC

OEMs like Samsung, Microsoft, and Lenovo are invested in large screens, starting with devices shipped for Android 12L.

Build better with Android

Show more messages, more notifications, more conversations. Enable users to access content quickly and easily. Empower users to create better content faster.
Showcase your app on the big screen. Make movies and music easier to browse, preview, and play. Engage users in an immersive, lean-back media experience.