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Play Install Referrer API Overview

Your application accesses the Install Referrer service using an API that is exposed by the Google Play app that is installed on the device. The Google Play app organizes the information about app installation and then return it through a Bundle.

Install Referrer API is available on devices running the Google Play app version 8.3.73 or later, and no special account or registration is required other than a Google Play Console account.

API features

The following informations are returned by the Install Referrer API for a given installed app:

  • The referrer URL of the installed package.
  • The timestamp, in seconds, of when the referrer click happened.
  • The timestamp, in seconds, of when the installation began.


Play Install Referrer API offers a reliable way to securely retrieve referral content straight from the Play Store app using a client library in Java. Check out the page Install Referrer Client Library page for more details about the library.

If you are integrating the Play Install Referrer API in your app using an alternative language such as C++, or you want to interact directly with the AIDL file, see AIDL Service Interface reference page.