Google Play Install Referrer

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You can use the Google Play Store's Install Referrer API to securely retrieve referral content from Google Play, such as:

  • The referrer URL of the installed package.
  • The timestamp, in seconds, of when a referrer click happened (both client- and server-side).
  • The timestamp, in seconds, of when an installation began (both client- and server-side).
  • The app's version at the time when the app was first installed.
  • Whether the user has interacted with your app's instant experience in the past 7 days.


The Install Referrer API is exposed by the Google Play Store app on a device. Devices with a Google Play app version of 8.3.73 or later automatically have access to the API.

You must also have a Google Play Console account to use the Install Referrer API.

Using the API

The Install Referrer API is implemented as an Android Interface Definition Language (AIDL) interface.