Help people live healthier lives by tracking workouts and daily activity. Setting fitness goals can help improve performance over time.

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Smartwatches are designed to help people live more active lifestyles by bringing health and fitness tracking with them everywhere they go.
People use smartwatches to track their workouts or daily activity for many reasons, such as maintaining a level of activity, improving their performance, or working towards a specific goal. Fitness apps can provide motivation and also allow people to reflect on their fitness journey.
There are certain contexts where people may not have access to their mobile phones. In this case their watch enables them to quickly glance at important health and fitness information that matters to them such as heart rate or step count.

Help people be more active and achieve their fitness goals

The smartwatch has accurate sensors that give people the insight they need to train and perform better. The on-body device enables better workout- and activity-tracking without adding anything cumbersome.

Use Wear OS glanceable surfaces such as tiles and complications, so that people can quickly see metrics from any workout.

Help people track all workout types from their smartwatch so they can improve over time.

The smartwatch is always on-body and can give the most accurate data.

Thoughtfully position your workout metrics so people can track at a glance while on the move. Present core metrics on one screen and use the horizontal page carousel to give quick access to important actions like ending a workout.

Use the Ongoing Activity API so that people can quickly return to their workout app from key surfaces such as the watchface.

Once a workout finishes, show people how they've done to encourage progress. Our scaling list supports cards and chips so you can display the data that matters.
To improve accountability, let people set achievable fitness goals. Launch a glanceable alert to help motivate and celebrate when they reach a goal.

Proven design patterns

Improve your app’s fitness experiences with accurate, centralized data.
Keep users engaged in their workout with the Ongoing Activity API.
Enable your users to track their workout metrics at a glance.
Get started faster with our golden tile layouts for tracking workouts.

What customers are saying

"Wear OS lets us holistically and seamlessly integrate aspects of Members’ health and fitness into products and experiences that motivate them to be their best selves. Our engineers intuitively created experiences that involved reading, synchronizing and presenting health data to Members."

“By taking advantage of battery optimizations through Wear Health Services, athletes can record longer activities than previously possible.”

David Rozsnyal

Android Engineer, Strava

“Compose for Wear OS makes the UI code more intuitive to write and read, allowing us to prototype faster in the design phase and collaborate better on the code.”

Liam Hargreaves


Build better with Android

People want to stay connected. A messaging experience enables reliable, helpful and safe communication from your smartwatch.
The watch is the ultimate on-body controller that gives people quick access to media. Let people stream to their heart's content, or pause, skip, and otherwise control media from their watch.