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Creating Watch Faces

Custom watch faces leverage a dynamic, digital canvas that can include colors, animations, and contextual information.

To see examples of watch faces, download the Android Wear companion app, which enables users to select from various watch faces.

Note: We recommend using Android Studio for Android Wear development, as it provides project setup, library inclusion, and packaging conveniences. This training assumes you are using Android Studio.


Designing Watch Faces
Learn how to design a watch face that works on any Android Wear device.
Building a Watch Face Service
Learn how to respond to important events during the lifecycle of your watch face.
Drawing Watch Faces
Learn how to draw your watch face on a Wear device screen.
Learn how to create watch face elements that show more than hours and minutes and how to supply data to those elements.
Creating Interactive Watch Faces
Learn how to let the user interact with your watch face.
Providing Configuration Activities
Learn how to create watch faces with configurable parameters.
Addressing Common Issues
Learn how to fix common problems when developing a watch face.
Optimizing Performance and Battery Life
Learn how to improve the frame rate of your animations and how to save power.
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