Create custom UIs for Wear devices

This lesson provides information about creating attractive, custom UIs, including custom notifications for your watch apps.

Note: We recommend using Android Studio for Wear OS development, as it provides project setup, library inclusion, and packaging conveniences. This training assumes you are using Android Studio.

The Jetpack Wear Library (androidx.wear), which is in the Google Repository in the Android SDK, provides classes that help you implement UI patterns and create layouts that work on round, rectangle, and square Wear OS devices.

Note that the following classes in the Wear support library are deprecated in Wear 2.0:

Define layouts
Learn how to create layouts that look good on round, rectangle, and square Wear OS devices.
Create lists
Learn how to create lists that are optimized for wearable devices.
Show confirmations
Learn how to display confirmation animations when users complete actions.
Exit full-screen activities
Learn how to implement the long-press-to-dismiss UI pattern to exit full-screen activities.
Use the Wear UI Library
Learn how to use the Wear UI Library in your user interfaces.
Wear navigation and actions
Learn how to add interactive drawers to your Wear app.
Multi-function buttons
Learn how to retrieve available multi-function buttons on a device.
Rotary input
Learn how to add rotary input support to your app's scrollable views.
Creating input method editors
Learn how to support input methods beyond voice.
Using wrist gestures
Learn how to enable user interaction with wrist gestures.