Wego increased purchase conversion by 27% with Google Play Instant

Wego provides award winning travel search websites and top ranked mobile apps for travellers living in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. Wego harnesses powerful yet simple to use technology that automates the process of searching and comparing results from hundreds of airlines, hotels, and online travel agency websites.

Wego strongly believes that the native experiences not just delight those who use Wego, but will also positively and significantly impact the metrics that they care about - purchase conversions. Hence, they decided to extend their native Android app experience with the Wego instant app.

What they did

Wego faced size and permissions roadblocks very early in their development lifecycle. The first version of their instant app turned out be 13MB. Wego looked at this as an opportunity to not just critically evaluate and optimize their instant app but also pass on the learnings to slim down their installed app, which was 25MB at that time. They figured out that they had many dependencies which were simply increasing the size of their instant app without adding any value. After few iterations of modularizing and removing unnecessary dependencies, they managed to reduce the size of their instant app from 13MB to under 4MB. 25% of the savings were driven by just using ProGuard.

In order to further reduce the size they made use of android:supportsRtl_, a Android Manifest element that was introduced in Android API level 17. Doing so allowed them to safely remove all the layout files that were specifically added for Arabic and Farsi, combining all of them into a single set of layout files that supported both LTR (Left-To-Right) and RTL (Right-To-Left) seamlessly. This resulted in layout file size reduction over 60%. And, as expected, this then allowed them to reduce the size of their installed app to 7.6MB from 19MB, which is a 60% reduction!

Wego then launched a rich 'Flights & Hotel' immersive experience that is delighting users just like their installed app does.


Continuously investing in improving the instant app experience resulted in drastic improvements in performance. For example, the streamlined, modular instant app showed 186% more purchase conversions compared to the first version of their instant app. More importantly, they also observed a 27% improvement in purchase conversions compared to their mobile web traffic benchmarks. This was a great win, as driving more purchase conversions is a key goal of the business.

As a next step Wego is continuing to invest in instant apps to drive more traffic and deliver improvements to the overall business.

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