reaches new job seekers with Google Play Instant

With more than 60 million reported registered users (as of December 2018), is one of India's largest job search sites. Available on both desktop and mobile, it connects qualified job seekers with thousands of employers to help each side find the perfect match.

Job seekers all over India use every day to create candidate profiles, view job openings, and apply for jobs that suit their interests. However, finding the perfect job can take time, so encourages job seekers to keep their profiles current and check their personalized job feed often. also wants to encourage job seekers to download their mobile app, where they could browse listings, get new job alerts, and apply to positions on the go.

Out of the three channels offers—the desktop experience, the mobile site, and the native app—the app has the most user engagement, the best retention, and the most opportunities to personalize the user experience.

What they did decided to target job seekers who were accessing the mobile site and drive them to install the native app. To encourage users, the team created an instant app with basic features that users could try immediately without the need to install. When the user tried to use a more advanced feature, such as saving a job to apply to later, the instant app would then encourage them to download the full-featured app.


They saw positive results with the instant app—not only did job seekers appreciate the convenience of the “Try Now” button, but it was also effective at driving app installs. reported that they saw an average conversion rate of 4% from their promotional efforts and that the instant app generated a 10% conversion rate. It was so successful that started linking to the instant app in their email campaigns sent to mobile devices. Currently, installs driven by the instant app account for about one in five total installations, making it a significant source of acquisition.

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